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Communications - S100 I/O Communication interfaces

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S100 I/O is a rack based I/O system used in the Advant Master and Advant MOD 300 installed base. The S100 I/O Communications hardware is Ethernet-based and makes it possible to connect to the installed S100 I/O when evolving Advant Controller 400 Series controllers to AC 800M controller.

For updated information regarding System 800xA please visit our 800xA Hardware Selector. In the HW-Selector, you can compare different communication modules, AC 800M controllers, S800 I/O modules, S900 I/O modules, Select I/O modules, module termination units, network equipment, panels, power supplies, and voters, and also print your PDF files or save an outline of all modules in the product area.

Below is an outline of the range of different S100 I/O communication interfaces available.

Specific feature ¹ TC810 TC811
General info
Article number 3BSE076220R1 3BSE078714R1
Communication protocol Ethernet
Type Ethernet Adapter for copper media Ethernet Adapter for fiber optic media
Redundancy Yes
Hot swap Yes
High integrity N/A
Intrinsic safety N/A
Mechanics Select I/O
Type of external output 100 Base-TX with RJ 45 (8P8C) connector 100 BASE-FX with LC connector
Number of external ports 2
Type of connecting cable CAT 5, WG 22 or better 9/125 µm single mode fiber (1310 nm nominal wavelength)
Maximum length of cable 100 m 27.5 km
Width 25 mm 24.5 mm
Depth 76.3 mm 101.3 mm
Height 110 mm
Weight (including base) 105 g 161 g
Environment and certification
RoHS compliance EU RoHS, UAE RoHS, CN RoHS
WEEE compliance EU
¹ For detailed information on each module, please visit:


Specific feature ¹ TL810K01 TL811K01
General info
Article number 3BSE088170R1 3BSE088171R1
Type Empty slot protector for FCI Empty slot protector for EA
Hot swap Yes
Mechanics Select I/O
Width 134.5 mm (5.30 in.) 109.5 mm (4.31 in.)
Depth 38.5 mm (1.52 in.)
Height 29 mm (1.14 in.) 24.5 mm (0.96 in.)
Weight (including base) 35.5 g (0.07 lbs) 23.8 g (0.05 lbs)
Environment and certification
RoHS compliance DIRECTIVE/2011/65/EU (EN 50581:2012)
WEEE compliance DIRECTIVE/2012/19/EU
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