I/O Systems - S800 I/OAI825

The AI825 Analog Input Module has 4 individually galvanic isolated, bipolar current/voltage inputs. Each channel can be either a voltage or current input.

The module has a direct current input that withstand up to 6.3 V and a over voltage protected current input that withstand up to +30 V d.c. The current is limited by a PTC resistor.

Power to the input stages is converted from the 24 V on the ModuleBus.

Features and benefits

  • 4 channels individually galvanic isolated inputs for +20 mA, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, +10 V, 0...10 V, 2...10 V
  • 14 Bit resolution plus sign
  • Input shunt resistors protected to 30 V d.c.
  • The input withstands HART communication

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