Controllers - AC 800M ControllersPM891K02

The PM891 processor is a monolithic unit equipped with power supply, CPU-boards and unit termination. The unit contains microprocessor and RAM memory, a real-time clock, LED indicators, INIT push button and a Secure Digital interface. The PM891 does not contain any internal battery The PM891 has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) for connection to the Control Network, and one RJ45 serial port (COM4). The COM4 port is isolated and used for a configuration tool. The PM891 supports CPU redundancy for higher availability (CPU, CEX-Bus, communication interfaces and S800 I/O).

The communication expansion bus (CEX-Bus) is mounted on the unit. The CEX-Bus is used for extending the on-board communication ports with communication interface units. It is possible to use redundant communication interfaces on the CEX-Bus. The CEX-Bus Interconnection unit BC810 is used to increase the availability on the CEX-Bus by dividing it into separate segments. The optical Modulebus of the unit can be used for connecting seven clusters of S800 I/O units (each comprising up to 12 units). Each PM891 is provided with a unique Ethernet address which provides hardware identity to the unit.

Package including:
2 pcs PM891K01 Processor Unit
1 pcs TK850V007 CEX-bus Extension Cable
1 pcs TK855 RCU Data Link Cable
1 pcs TK856 RCU Control Link Cable

Please note: The BC810K02 is not included in the PM891K02 Redundant Processor Unit kit. In order to make hot replacement of PM891 Processor Unit possible, the BC810K02 is required and has to be ordered separately.

Features and benefits

  • Reliability and simple fault diagnosis procedures
  • Modularity, allowing for step-by-step expansion
  • IP20 Class protection without the requirement for enclosures
  • The controller has full EMC certification
  • High performance and large application memory
  • Sectioned CEX-Bus using a pair of BC810
  • Built-in redundant Ethernet Communication ports