I/O MTUs - S800 I/OTU814V1

The TU814V1 MTU can have up to 16 I/O channels and two process voltage connections. The maximum rated voltage is 50 V and maximum rated current is 2 A per channel.

The TU814V1 has three rows of crimp snap-in connectors for field signals and process power connections. The MTU is a passive unit used for connection of the field wiring to the I/O modules. It also contains a part of the ModuleBus. 

Two mechanical keys are used to configure the MTU for different types of I/O modules. This is only a mechanical configuration and it does not affect the functionality of the MTU or the I/O module. Each key has six positions, which gives a total number of 36 different configurations. 

Features and benefits

  • 16 channels for 24 V d.c. inputs with current sourcing
  • 2 Isolated groups of 8 with voltage supervision
  • Input status indicators