I/O Systems - S800 I/ODI880

The DI880 is a 16 channel 24 V d.c. digital input module for single or redundant configuration. The input voltage range is 18 to 30 V d.c. and the input current is 7 mA at 24 V d.c. Each input channel consists of current limiting components, EMC protection components, input state indication LED and optical isolation barrier. There is one current limited transducer power output per input. The Sequence of Event function (SOE) can collect events with a resolution of 1 ms. The event queue can contain up to 512 x 16 events. The function include a Shutter filter for suppression of unwanted events. The SOE function can report the following status in the event message – Channel value, Queue full, Synchronization jitter, Uncertain time, Shutter filter active and Channel error.

Features and benefits

  • 16 channels for 24 V d.c. inputs with current sinking
  • Redundant or single configuration
  • 1 group of 16 isolated from ground
  • Input status indicators
  • Advanced on-board diagnostics
  • Sequence of events (SOE)
  • Current limited sensor supply per channel
  • Certified for SIL3 according to IEC 61508
  • Certified for Category 4 according to EN 954-1

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