Communications - S800 I/O Communication interfacesTU860

S800 I/O is a comprehensive, distributed, and modular process I/O system that communicates with parent controllers over industry-standard fieldbus technology.

The TU860 is an MTU for S800 I/O on Ethernet and connects up to 12 single or redundant S 800I/O Modules and Module Termination Units and hosts single or redundant Ethernet Adapters (TC810, TC811) and Ethernet FCI Communications Interface Modules (CI845s) for reliable communications with the AC 800M process controllers.

Features and benefits

  • Two mounting slots for connecting single/redundant CI845 FCI modules
  • Two mounting slots for connecting single/redundant Ethernet Adapters
  • Two connectors for connecting single/redundant 24 V power supplies
  • Two Modulebus connectors for connecting the I/O cluster (only S800 I/O modules can be connected)
  • Mountable on a 35 mm DIN rail
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