I/O MTUs - S800 I/OTU839

The TU839 MTU can have up to 8 I/O channels and two groups of connections for sensor power distribution. Each channel has two I/O connections. The process voltage can be connected to two individually isolated groups for sensor power distribution. Each group has a 200 mA fuse. The maximum rated voltage is 250 V and maximum rated current is 1 A per channel. It is recommended that the fuse rating be chosen to meet the applications needs.

The MTU distributes the ModuleBus to the I/O module and to the next MTU. It also generates the correct address to the I/O module by shifting the outgoing position signals to the next MTU.

The MTU can be mounted on a standard DIN rail. It has a mechanical latch that locks the MTU to the DIN rail.

Two mechanical keys are used to configure the MTU for different types of I/O modules. This is only a mechanical configuration and it does not affect the functionality of the MTU or the I/O module. Each key has six positions, which gives a total number of 36 different configurations.

Features and benefits

  • 8 individually isolated I/O channels.
  • Two individually isolated, fused groups for sensor power distribution.
  • Connections to ModuleBus and I/O modules.
  • Mechanical keying prevents insertion of the wrong I/O module.
  • Latching device to DIN rail for grounding.
  • DIN rail mounting.