I/O Systems - S800 I/ODI890

The DI890 Digital Input Module has 8 channels. The module includes Intrinsic Safety protection components on each channel for connection to process equipment in hazardous areas without the need for additional external devices. Each channel is galvanically isolated from the power supply, ground, and each other. Intrinsically safe Proximity sensors or volt-free contacts can be powered and monitored by any channel.

The Proximity sensor should conform to the NAMUR standard and line faults can be detected without any additional external components. For line faults to be detected when using volt-free contacts, external resistors should be connected in series and in parallel to enable the state of the field circuit to be sensed by the input channel. All eight channels are galvanic isolated from the ModuleBus and power supply individually. Power to the input stages is converted from the 24 V on the power supply connections. Three LEDs indicate module status Fault (Red), Run (Green) and Warning (Yellow).

TU890 and TU891 Compact MTU can be used with this module and it enables two wire connection to the process devices without additional terminals. TU890 for Ex applications and TU891 for non Ex applications.

Features and benefits

  • 8 channels with process voltage supervision
  • Output status indicators
  • OSP sets outputs to predetermined state upon error detection
  • Short-circuit protection to ground and 30 V
  • Over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • Intrinsic Safety support
  • NAMUR inputs
  • G3 compliant


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