I/O Systems - S800 I/ODI830

The DI830 is a 16 channel 24 V d.c. digital input module for the S800 I/O. The input voltage range is 18 to 30 V d.c. and the input current is 6 mA at 24 V d.c. Each input channel consists of current limiting components, EMC protection components, input state indication LED and optical isolation barrier. The module cyclically performs self-diagnostics. Module diagnostics include:

  • Process power supply supervision (results in a module warning, if detected).
  • Event queue full.
  • Time synchronization missing.

The input signals can be digitally filtered. The filter time can be set in the range 0 to 100 ms. This means that pulses shorter than the filter time are filtered out and pulses longer than specified filter time get through the filter.

Features and benefits

  • 16 channels for 24 V d.c. inputs with current sinking
  • 2 isolated groups of 8 channels with voltage supervision
  • Input status indicators
  • Sequence of event (SOE) functionality
  • Shutter filter