I/O MTUs - S800 I/OTU852

The TU852 is a 16 channel module termination unit (MTU) for redundant S800 I/O modules and for mounting on a horizontal DIN rail. The MTU is a passive unit used for connection of the field wiring to the I/O modules. It also contains a part of the ModuleBus.

The TU842 MTU can have up to 16 I/O channels and process voltage connections. Each channel has two uncommitted I/O connections. Normally S1-16 (signals) on X1A and U1-16 (power out) on X1B. Each DB25 include terminals for ZP, UP and EM.

The MTU distributes the two ModuleBuses to each I/O module and to the next MTU. It also generates the correct address to the I/O modules by shifting the outgoing position signals to the next MTU.

Features and benefits

  • Complete installation of I/O modules using 3-wire connections and field power distribution.
  • Up to 16 channels of field signals and process power connections.
  • Connections to two ModuleBuses and I/O modules.
  • Mechanical keying prevents insertion of the wrong I/O module.
  • Latching device to DIN rail for grounding.
  • DIN rail mounting.