Controllers - AC 800M ControllersPM867K01

The CPU board contains the microprocessor and RAM memory, a real-time clock, LED indicators, INIT push button, and a CompactFlash interface.

The base plate of the PM867 controller has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) for connection to the Control Network, and two RJ45 serial ports (COM3, COM4). One of the serial ports (COM3) is an RS-232C port with modem control signals, whereas the other port (COM4) is isolated and used for the connection of a configuration tool. The controller supports CPU redundancy for higher availability (CPU, CEX-Bus, communication interfaces and S800 I/O).

The high integrity functionality is enabled by the addition of an SM812 module and the SIL-certified software. The AC 800M High-Integrity also offers IEC 61508 and TÜV-certified control environment for combining safety and business-critical process control in one controller unit without sacrificing the safety integrity.

Only compatible for 800xA 6.0.2 and onwards. Please see Product Update for more information.


Features and benefits

•  ISA Secure certified - Read more
•  AC 800M High up to SIL 3 certified using PM865/SM811 or PM867/SM812
•  Supports S800 I/O High Integrity (PM865, PM866A, PM867 and PM891)
•  The controller can be configured with 800xA control builder
•  The controller has full EMC certification
•  TÜV Certified SIL 2 and SIL 3
•  Built-in redundant Ethernet Communication ports