NE871 is an industrial router that also acts as a firewall. The router/firewall can be utilized to segment a system into network areas and also security zones. NE871 is primarily intended to connect a client-server network to a plant network or to a DMZ (demilitarized zone).

The concept of security zoning is described in IEC 62443. In short, security zoning is a method to segment a system into zones with different security levels. A security level is complied with by implementing a combination of security countermeasures. The reason why it potentially could make sense to divide a system into security zones, which comply with different security levels, could be that the risk for different parts of the system varies. Another could be that the impact of a potential incident varies.

NE871 supports RNRP (Redundant Network Routing Protocol), which enables 800xA to have two physically separate networks, and thereby avoid a single point of failure.

Features and benefits

  • NE871 has a redundant power supply and alarm function
  • Wide operating voltage range (16 VDC to 60 VDC)
  • Back end holds a casted DIN clip for stable mounting on a DIN-rail
  • Digital IO for monitoring
  • Console port for management using CLI
  • USB port for easy save and load system configuration
  • 3 x RJ-45 Ethernet 1000 BaseTX connectors
  • Status LED‘s