PanelsPanel 800 6.2 250 tags (Dongles)

Panel 800 Runtime and dedicated license dongles, makes Panel 800 applications to be run on normal Windows PC. This enables engineering efficient reuse of the panels applications in situations when a PC based HMI is required in addition to process panels.

Since the Panel 800 Runtime can be used to visualize data from 250 up to 4000 signals, it is also suitable for mid-sized SCADA applications even when process panels are not needed.

Enables the possibility to run Panel 800 version 6.2 applications in a PC, using Panel 800 Runtime software. Panel 800 Version 6.2 dongle for 250 tags.

Features and benefits

For applications other than the panel
When you need large screens or extended desktops or when you want to run more software on the same platform. Other use cases are when you need large quantities of data in an application, remote configuration and maintenance or reporting using Excel files.